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Hi everyone. LandyVlad from Australia.

Started by landyvlad, May 15, 2019, 09:32 am

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I live in Brisbane, Australia and have a multitude of interests, most of which I can't afford, and most of which drive my wife mad.

I ride a motorcycle (Suzuki GSX1400) and run a forum for those bikes.

I build websites here and there, mostly for friends and family.

I'm a shooter and hunter; though spend most of my "gun time" shooting clay pigeons with an old Side by Side shotgun. Fun.

I'm a history buff, particularly maritime, and run a website about that too.

I not too long ago bought a drone so that's a good timewaster too... :)

As far as comics go.. when I was a kid I was an avid Commando reader, and had quite a big collection which would mostly have been early 1980's issues.  Somewhere over the years that disappeared :( ( I know, right! ) I guess like many of us I am rediscovering my youth (kinda) through a renewed love of these comics.

I was also a big Phantom fan, a disease I caught from my Uncle. I have a box of those lying around somewhere which I have to dig out again. My Uncle would have a heap of earlier issues and his collection would be worth a fair bit, if he still has it.

In any event I figured while there are facebook groups devoted to Commando and other comics, and they certainly have their place, there didn't appear to be any (or any good) forums for fans of war comics in general, and Commandos in particular.

So that's why I've kicked my own money into this, but I hasten to add I have no ambitions to make a profit, ultimately as long as I can get it to pay for itself (hosting costs etc) I'll be really happy. And I'll carry it in the meantime :)

If you've not introduced yourself yet, start a new thread here in the introductions forum and say g'day ! :D