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Hello everyone

Started by landyvlad, Feb 05, 2020, 06:31 pm

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Sorry I've been away and unable to attend here.

I'd like to kick this forum into life, but i can only do it with your help !

Please SPREAD THE WORD to all you Commando (and other War Comic) loving friends.

Please start and contribute to some discussions.

Tell us about your collections.
What first got you into commandos comics etc

(Simply start a thread in the appropriate sub forum).

Thanks ! :D


Hello to new members - as you can see the forum hasn't been officially advertised/promoted anywhere as yet.

Please feel free to point all your war comic loving friends this way (and there's a  true war discussion section too)

Let's get this thing kicked off eh ?!

Something to do while COVID19 is kicking around anyway

all :)