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My milsurps

Started by BlitzR, Apr 27, 2020, 09:47 am

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Hello all. This will, over time, be a collection of photos of the various military surplus rilfes that I currently own. Not that I have a vast collection to draw from, but it seems to adding a new addition every other month.

I tend to focus on WWI and WWII only, though my real passion is for Swiss straight pull military rifles.


G'day :D

I've owned a few milsurps over the years.
Even sold a 8mm Mauser Vergeiro (spelling?) recently  ;)

Others I've had included a Mosin Nagant carbine (loved that), the obligatory Lee-Enfield or two, and others.

I had nearly closed a deal on a mint M1 carbine, when 1996 happened, so never got that one :(

Have shot plenty more over the years including many of a mates' old black powder varieties and early single shots from the colonial era and a Boer War vintage Lee-Metford.

Looking forward to seeing your collection BlitzR  8)